For my second holiday season of blogging at , I’m inviting authors to share their family stories, recipes, and their book blurb and cover. (BTW, my current page is set up for treasures from the British Museum not holidays.)

The address for the sample page for the Holidays is . A complete guide for posting with examples is provided there as an individual page, Holiday Blog Instructions.  I can email the doc as an attachment, if necessary.

I post daily on British/American history and culture. I get an average of 120 – 130 hits/day but will post some PR announcements around to increase the activity. I get several hits every week on the buy links to my books but not a lot of comments.

Guide for the Holiday blog post: Please write a short holiday family story or share a family recipe. A picture would be nice but is not required (If it’s not a recipe, please provide a caption for the pic). THEN, provide a blurb for your current or upcoming book. If you have the book cover please send that also with a complete buy link either to your Amazon site or to your book page with your publisher. Please keep the total post around 500 words or so. If your book isn’t published yet, you can still share a family story or recipe and post your blurb. Please send the post as an attached file to ritabayauthor@gmail. com and include your pics as separate attachments also. Prizes are not necessary unless you want to but include the rules in your post.

One of my blogs from last year, a half-story and half-recipe, with the blurb added is provided as an example. You can view it at my dummy WordPress page here: .

I also need a VERY short bio for your intro. The format is basically:

“My guest today is ______ _________. ____________ writes __________ for ______________ and _____________ for _______________. _____________ will share a story about (or recipe for) _____________________. Check out the blurb for his/her most recent book _____________________________ from ________________, available _______________.

Filling in the blanks it would read:  My guest today is Rita Bay. Rita writes paranormal and fantasy novels for Champagne Book Group. She will share her recipe for Hoppin’ John, a New Years’ Day must on the Gulf Coast. Check out the blurb for her most recent shapeshifter novella with Champagne, Into the Lyons’ Den.  (If your book is not published yet, then fill in the available ________________.)
Please contact me if you’re interested at If you have a preference for certain days, that’s fine too. I like to post well ahead, so the sooner you can schedule a date and send the post to me, the better. Thanks so much.  Rita


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